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Why another church? We launched "grace ecclesia" because we want to see "church" redefined by grace. For many folks, the experience of "church" in our culture has very little resemblance to the "ecclesia" described in the New Testament. In that sense, we want to contest the meaning of "church" infusing it with another meaning.


For many "church" has been be a place of judgment and rejection. Shallow, superficial moralism characterizes many people's experience of church. That plus self-righteous judgmentalism. We know. We've experienced it. And unfortunately, we've been the cause of it too. The heart of the Pharisee is deep within all of us.

But imagine if church was redefined by grace. We want to see a community where people experience love rather than moralistic religion. 
Our goal is to create conversations...a context where we can be honest about God and ourselves. 


"We want to wrestle with real questions - what it means to live in a broken world, to be broken and screwed-up ourselves, and especially why God hates religion." 

The love of Christ should result in something much different than what many people have experienced in church. This is why we want to see a "grace ecclesia" - a church redefined by grace - so the church today might resemble the "ecclesia" (church) described in the New Testament. 

Yes, we gather for worship in a brewery. Seriously.  
Gate City is located at the south end of Canton Street - beside Pasti's. We use Gate City's downstairs area - one of the coolest new music venues in Roswell.  

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